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The end of one journey only marks the beginning of another as Detective Loomis returns to uncover the truth behind the Legend of Pitchfork.

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Hayride 2 online movie review - If you like slasher flicks, you might get a kick out of it.

'HAYRIDE 2': Two and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

B-horror flick sequel, to the 2012 indie slasher flick 'HAYRIDE'. Both films were written and directed by Terron R. Parsons; and tell the story of a legendary serial killer, named Pitchfork. Most of the original cast actually survived the first film, and returned for this installment; including Jeremy Ivy, Jeremy Sande, Sherri Eakin, Corlandos Scott and Wayne Dean (as Pitchfork). The film is pretty bad; but if you like slasher flicks, you might get a kick out of it.

It turns out the escaped killer from the original movie, Pitchfork (Dean), isn't really dead; and he's back to wreak more havoc, in southern Alabama. The Summers brothers, Steven (Ivy) and Corey (Sande), once again have to do battle with the madman. Steven also must, once again, protect his girlfriend, Amanda (Eakin); who's targeted by Pitchfork. Detective Loomis (Scott) is also back, to chase the notorious monster; as he also learns more about his past.

The film is about as cheesy as they get; poorly acted and filled with horrible dialogue. It is entertaining though, if you like this type of movie. I never saw the first film, and I don't really think I need to; after seeing this one. I'm sure if you've seen one 'Pitchfork' movie, you've probably seen them all.

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