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He Hated Pigeons
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Love is everything with a young man journey's from the north to south of Chile to fulfill a promise.

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He Hated Pigeons online movie review - Beautiful once in a lifetime experience

I loved this film. What a blessing to have been included in this experience. Have you watched a film with a live score before?

Not only is Ingrid Veninger choosing a new artist to score her film for each respective film festival, she's also limiting her screenings to festivals only. No DVDs. No streaming. So if this film is playing in your city, see it.

Rozalind MacPhail live scored Veninger's St John's International Women's Film Festival's screening this October, her delicate use of flute and looping tracks perfectly balancing Veninger's meditative use of the film's Chilean landscape. Our film's hero, Elias, who travels at length to find that ephemeral "closure", is played by newcomer South American actor Pedro Fontaine. Fontaine is magnetic, his subtle ability to convey a tortured sadness impressive and matches perfectly with Veninger's restrained storytelling abilities (those of which are up there with the likes of Gus Van Sant and Wim Wenders.)

See this film if you can. You will never have the chance again.

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