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Maggie Cooper thinks it would be really cool if her son Lloyd were gay. So cool, in fact, that she outs him to the entire school.

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Helicopter Mom online movie review - Title character hides a good story.

It is easy to call Helicopter Mom a movie about an overbearing mother. The movie starts defining the relationship between the mother and son but as the movie progresses, that theme is overshadowed by the meat of the movie which is more of a coming of age story of Lloyd and his journey of discovery.

Lloyd is definitely ahead of the game in that he can accept the fact that he is young and knows little about life and acknowledges it. Rather than defining himself in his limited world, He is accepting of new experiences and wants to go out and find out about him. Seeing the movie from this light, I am able to give it a few more stars.

Where the movie shined, was the moments of honesty. Some of the best moments in the movie come from the relationship and the interactions between the father and son. Both Lloyd and his father provide an interesting mirror in that his father knows who he is and is trying to be better while Lloyd is trying to know who he is so that he can do the same. It is these moments that made the movie special to me.

In this aspect, I liked what the movie was trying to do. Society's greater tolerance to individual identity allows us an exploration of the individual in a much broader sense than before. The addition of conflict with the mother, the school, the father etc. attempts to bring as many people as possible into this shared experience.

I agree with most of the other reviews in that the mother is a bit much. But having said that, if you're willing to cut the fat and see more than what is presented to you, you may like what you see.

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