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Lonely and feeling neglected by her workaholic husband, pretty Lily has a one-night stand with a handsome teacher from her son's elementary school, only to quickly realize that she's fallen into the snare of a dangerous sociopath...

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Her Infidelity online movie review - Ho Hum

This is one tragic mistake made by LMN and the writer, director and cast. It is almost a joke from beginning to end.

Rachel Hunter is awful and walks through the movie like something horrible is about to happen. She weakens the plot by her over acting and jumping at every noise she hears. Her husband tries but doesn't work well with Hunter. In fact she looks much older then he. And lover boy looks like a wax museum character.

Now suddenly this frightened to death Hunter stalks the woods carrying a baseball bat to attack the villain. And of course, typical LMN style, when Hunter gets caught by stone face, she knees him in the balls to escape. I would love it if once just once some guy would knee a woman in the groin. I love it when he catches up with her and throws her around. She really is pathetic in this and quite idiotic in all her decisions as to what to do.

No one earns any merit in this trashy film, except maybe the children who act like children and not loonies. But to this viewer Rachel Hunter ruins this film with her over acted performance. However, I don't think another actor could do much better with the silly script.

Can one give a minus vote? Mine would be -10. Sorry folks.

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