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Terror arrives at the one place we all feel safest in this taut psychological thriller starring Natasha Henstridge, Jason Patric and Scott Adkins. When a wealthy woman and her stepson are targeted by a trio of expert thieves in their remote mansion, her only form of help comes from a call with a security systems specialist. But as the intruders become increasingly hostile and the connection wavers, will she trust him to be her eyes and navigate her to safety?

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Home Invasion online movie review - Good film

Mother and son living together with a father no where in the picture. Surely this is a deadbeat father that ran with the money on his own.

Not quite, instead the mother and son live a life of luxury and are trying to make ends meet in a new location away from the city. As for the father? He has been missing for eight years. Regardless of their lifestyle, someone set up their home to be protected with a home surveillance system. This is what this movie is about.

The meat of the movie is about three invaders that are out to collect something from the depths of the home. The mother and son have no idea about it and are about to get caught up in the midst of it. These men are professionals - they have a fourth working on disabling a bridge to prevent the police from crossing. He also packs a gun and binoculars - so he is no stranger to this kind of work. The invaders mostly resort to classic espionage - safe drilling, tranquilizer darts, as well as scare and intimidation tactics. The mother and son on the other hand, are scared for their lives and pulled closer together as they must escape. The only thing they have is a phone, a surveillance technician, and many cameras which are slowly being blocked out.

I found the movie dull at somepoints, but otherwise highly enjoyable in others. The escape aspect as well as communicating with technology is a first I've seen in a movie; moreover, having it happen within the depths of a house, with enough dialogue and cinema as well as plot to keep it going was also unexpected. When they focused on the drama and family history in the movie - clearly foreshadowing, without actually going in depth - I found it to be a bit redundant. The movie does get closure, but not in this aspect and is the only flaw I found with it.

I recommend this movie as a watch, preferably at night for more effect.

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