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Mona and Don’s seemingly perfect suburban bliss is disrupted by a sexy extortionist and Mona will stop at nothing, including killing the competition, to keep her little slice of heaven.

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Home Sweet Hell online movie review - I think that this is the reason that men are on a marriage strike...

...because something like this dark comedy is their collective nightmare. This film is not supposed to make sense from a detailed perspective, nor is it supposed to be filled with introspective self-aware characters, because that is how all of these people got into this fix in the first place.

The first tip-off that this is just a farce is the family name of the protagonist...Don CHAMPAGNE??? Really? Well, Don owns a successful furniture business (sort of), owns a big fine house (sort of) and has a beautiful wife and two kids (sort of). You see, Don was a used car salesman and probably happy at that and then he married Mona. Mona's family has money, and Mona has "goals", all of which are very shallow. She is a beautiful woman and cold as ice. Everything is done her way because daddy is financing everything and she never lets Don forget it. She has sex scheduled for Don six times a year, and Don being a healthy guy in his thirties, this is just not enough, but strangely enough he still loves his wife.

Enter stage left Dusty, a beautiful girl in her early 20s who answers Don's ad for a saleswoman. She initiates an affair with an at first reluctant Don who later is really into the regular supply of recreational sex and feeling like a teenager again. And here is where guys in this position in film never let the big head do the thinking. Why would a beautiful girl in the prime of life waste her time on a permanently married man? Soon, Dusty tells Don she is pregnant with his child and does not want an abortion AND she is uninsured. Partial karma for Don not offering his employees insurance, partial karma for not running to the nearest exit on his wedding day to Mona.

Don has been a real milquetoast so far, and that is probably part of the reason he and Mona are married, but he does summon the courage to tell Mona that Dusty is pregnant, keeping the baby, and demanding money. Mona is partially cool as a cucumber, partially explosive in her reaction, but her final solution floors Don. Dusty must die or else their place in the community will be ruined. And Mona proves to be a very cool and dispassionate killer while Don spends his time throwing up in the bathroom. Mona dismembers the body and fertilizes their lawn with the parts. Game over as far as Mona is concerned.

There is only one problem. Dusty has some friends...distasteful and potentially violent friends who know all about her relationship with Don. What happens? Watch and find out.

I'd recommend this one because it is a pretty well made dark comedy with lots of plot twists and turns. In spite of the subject matter there is practically nothing in the way of explicit violence although there is plenty in the way of implication, such as when Mona comes in from the garage after dismembering Dusty wearing only her underwear and covered in blood. She says very matter of factly "I'm just covered in that girl" and heads to the shower.

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