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Honor Thy Father
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A pair of married white-collar swindlers run afoul of their latest victims.

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Honor Thy Father online movie review - A father will do anything for his family

John Lloyd Cruz (Edgar) tackles a different role in this drama about a family caught amidst a scam. He sheds off his boy next door image to play a father who will do anything (including shaving his hair) for his daughter.

Edgar and his wife were struggling in the urban life until they struck it good in an investment business. It was good for several months but When the business collapsed, with his fathers in law dead, their lives turned for the worst when a politician demanded their investment returned. Edgar returned to his roots, where we discovered his family background. Who else can we turn to in times of need but family? They plan on how to help Edgar to get the money they need in 2 weeks. Honor Thy Father is certainly a cut above the rest of the MMFF participants, a yearly parade of substandard films in the guise of entertainment come Christmas time in the Philippines. A film like this deserves to be watched.

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