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Four men, no strangers to unlawful transgressions, execute a daring football stadium robbery, but the volatile dynamic soon turns sour when the leader of the group becomes paranoid and begins to self destruct. Years later, after a stint in prison, the villainous leader is unrelenting in his path to retribution, he wants his years back and will take them from all of the men who know the true reasons for his prolonged captivity.

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Hooligan Legacy online movie review - Strangely awkward

I really enjoyed the opening minutes of Hooligan Legacy, and i really thought just for a moment that this was going to be the Hooligan film that mattered. But after the football club raid it all went wrong.

The ideas were there, but the delivery was all wrong.

awkward moments

1) Terry Dwyer just randomly standing on the right of the screen while the main character talks to a junkie former friend.

2) "hero" punches woman in the face killing her instantly

3) The terrible fire, with about as much emotion as a breaking of wind.

4) Lack of ending, as the film ends on a whimper not a bang.

5) Unexplained everything.

The acting is good for the majority, but the story and delivery are just diabolical. There is no feeling of any emotion at any point through the film, would could be maturely and cleverly handled is dealt with in a very petty and insignificant manner.

This could have been a contender, but sadly not.

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