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A deaf woman is stalked by a psychotic killer in her secluded home.

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Hush online movie review - A good Horror movie

I want to start this review of, by saying that this is one of the first horror movies that I've seen (not really a fan of the genre), I don't really know the genre that good too, so if I say anything wrong, I'm sorry, but this is still my opinion. This review will also be a short one.

"Hush" is about a deaf authoress, who is left alone at her house. Someone takes advantage of this, a masked man, and starts to stalk her...

This movie is directed by the same person who directed the movie "Oculus" starring Karen Gillan. This director is called Mike Flanagan. He did a really good job at directing the movie. Flanagan managed to create a tense full, good movie, with almost no dialogue. This is the thing that I found very interesting. Which is also a good part. He could keep me intrigued into the story. He also used some cool camera movements at times. The cinematography was also very good. The editing was good too. I didn't really pay attention to this part of the movie -I know, what a shame-, because I was more focused on the story. I will probably focus more on this in my second viewing. The make-up, though, was very good. This was a noticeable thing. The broken fingers of Maddie, when they got squished between the door. This scene was by the way also very gruesome to watch. This brings me to the next subject. The sound. This was a good thing, the editing of it, and the sound design. The soundtrack was sort of cliché. Something that I also like is the feel that they create, but I'll go on deeper on this in the last paragraph. A thing I might need to mention, is that I think that this was a very low-budget movie. I mention this, because this only makes the make-up, and sound more impressive.

The acting was fine. Nothing superb, but fine. I was surprised of the cast. There were nearly any cast members, this is probably too because of the low budget. The actress of the main character, Kate Siegel, was good. The only issue I have with her, is that I felt like she wasn't always deaf, that there were moments that she actually heard something. This is of course something that's really hard to do, so I won't see it as something really bad. The good thing, though, was that you were routing for her. You didn't really get to know her character, but you were still invested in her. This is, ofcours, a good thing. The antagonist of the movie is played by John Gallagher Jr. He was good too. And again, without really knowing him, you "hated" his character. This was of course because you routed for the main character. The supporting cast was also fine. Nothing really special.

The screenplay was also written by the director, but also by Kate Siegel, the actress of Maddie. Again prove that there wasn't a big budget. This was also a very well handled thing of the movie. The impressive thing is, is that the movie only contains a small amount of dialogue. But for the dialogue there was, it was good. The characters were also well created. The character of Maddie was one of a kind, because she couldn't speak, nor talk. This was,I think, one of the reasons why you rooted for her the most. The issue that I have with the antagonist is that he doesn't have a motive for wanting to scare Maddie. Well, more then scare her. A thing that they got right, is the feeling of the movie. You felt isolated, due to the Forest. There are of course the cliché jump scares, just not always at the moments you will expect. The main character is pretty smart too, this is a good thing. In most movies this is a very dumb thing. They also prove this by having these hallucinations, which were creative, and good. This gave a little twist, while I was thinking: 'Well that's stupid don't do that...oh'. Maddie does make some doubtable dissisions, but not very annoying things. A thing that was very good with Maddies character was that they made her a badass. They made her a independent woman, which also is a non-cliché thing.

Overall this was a fun movie. This isn't a masterpiece, and it doesn't want to be it either. You'll just have to accept what the movie is and you'll enjoy it.


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