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I Am Michael
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The controversial true story of a gay activist who rejects his homosexuality and becomes a Christian pastor.

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I Am Michael online movie review - a brutally lie made into a movie

there is a big difference in treating gay people with respect and give them the right of every human being and making all the children from this generation and surely the next ones believe one lie is another thing.

if any animal has its reproduction evaluated we will find that biologically speaking we need a female and a male so letting aside any social,psychological,religious point of view,no gay person could reproduce with his partner so the simple Fraze that our children are taught to believe that is a natural thing to be gay is a BIG FAT LIE.it is biologically a lie.it is not natural.this is the first lie that th pro gay movement are making us tell our children.I think that this is an abuse from the gay movements and any person who thinks differently is very wrong and very untruthfully.the second thing is the big fat lie that a person who thinks or feel or live as a gay person could not live a heterosexual and good life believing in God.Every person who ever read the Bible will know that there is no place in heaven for a gay person.So,a Christian who want to o to heaven could live a life accordingly with the Bible even if he or she has to fight all his or her life with any sexual instinct that one gay person might feel.This kind of idea is not only a lie ,but a bad advice for every gay Christian who could ans should try to live a good life.To be gay may be hard and may be a cross to bear,but a real Christian understand very well the cross that every one of us should bear for God.Some of us do not see,others could not walk,others could not talk...and some could not have a normal sexual attraction...so,a good Christian understand the "cross"and accept it.the conclusion is that the movie is a pro gay BIG FAT ANS Awful LIE.SO SAD AND SO DANGEROUS FOR YOUNG MINDS :(

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