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Iliza Shlesinger: Confirmed Kills
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The standup sensation tackle's TV's "Shark Tank," what it means to be a woman and how to deal with the lawless party goblin that lives in us all.

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Iliza Shlesinger: Confirmed Kills online movie review - Just not all that funny...

Observant but not especially insightful. She does a good job of articulating certain tropes and hallmarks of the modern, Western, liberal arts educated, upper middle class, female, millennial, ego monster's experience.

The whole set seems forced (forced for content, for message, for relatability) - like she's only hearing the laughs and not the hollowed, dead spaces around them. She never achieves the state of mass hypnosis you need to get the audience to go along with her on the journey...and so the jokes never really land. I appreciate that she thinks she's saying something important, and that she has a voice worth hearing, but I don't think she earns it with her performance. Lots of shtick and meme-signalling throughout that comes across as manipulative despite trying to wink and nod knowingly at the audience. "Fast" and "loud" do not in themselves = "funny." That all said, I think it's an honest piece of work and these sorts of strident performances tend to focus an artist's following. I'm sure she'll strengthen her diehards and perhaps gain a few new fans because of this grating, 80s-90s era, Kinisonian-ish, rant, but no doubt she's lost a few here as well - I was on the fence (mostly cause she's alright to look at) but I'm no longer interested in watching any future specials from Iliza. Next time, less lurching at the laugh and more actual funny, please.

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