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A happy young couple welcomes their first child shortly after getting married. Their joy quickly turns to fear when the girl starts acting strangely and unexplained phenomena start happening around the house.

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Infernal online movie review - Infernal is literally the worst thing ever made.

This movie is so ridiculously horrible that it's depressing that anyone ever thought this was going to turn out even mediocre. The acting is abysmal the plot is non existent and it doesn't even begin to make sense.

The film starts out with some of the most awful acting ever, so bad that I suspected that it was dubbed over. A couple goes through some turmoil as the woman reveals her pregnancy and the man is all "Oh no, commitment oh god whatever shall I do". The woman asks for a marriage to accompany the child and the guy goes and makes a tape ring and yay they get married. Right after they get married, Lucifer himself shows up and a cross gets turned upside down and this sound effect (which will be repeated across the entire film) starts that sounds like it was taken off of the internet because the director realized his film was scheduled for release in an hour so he was like "SCREW IT GRAB ANYTHING". It might just be the worst scene ever. But at least that scene made me die laughing. The rest of the movie is oppressively bad and more then anything boring. It's a generic found footage film except it spices the formula up by making it awful. They managed to take a dump on any merit the original concept of found footage ever had. There is no explanation for an eight year time skip in which apparently nothing of remote interest happened. They didn't even bother to make the actors look even remotely aged. EIGHT YEARS AND THIS MAN STILL WEARS A LAZY FIVE'O CLOCK SHADOW. The first sign that anything is wrong is that the girl likes to brush her hair. She also is apparently anti-social though this is expressed by her standing off somewhere. Then the girl disappears some comb horror occurs and the movie cuts to therapy. The therapist apparently recommends constantly monitoring her, hence the found footage, despite knowing she has autism. A disease that inherently causes problems communicating with others. Obviously the best solution is filming everything so we can see Gollum come in to the tune of the worst sound effect ever and pat peoples heads. LIKE WHAT IS EVEN SUPPOSED TO BE GOING ON!? She likes to comb her hair, why is that weird? What? The parents act like they've been through and back but this kid does literally nothing. She seems fairly manageable and since nobody ever acknowledges the footage that shows the physical entity of Satan entering their daughters room and carving symbols into the back of her head, what exactly is stressing these people out? COMBS?!

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