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Innocence of Memories: Orhan Pamuk's Museum & Istanbul
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Orhan Pamuk – Turkey’s Nobel laureate for Literature – opens a museum in Istanbul. A museum that’s a fiction: its objects trace a tale of doomed love in 70’s Istanbul. The film takes a tour of the objects as the starting point for a trip through images, landscapes and the chemistry of the city. A film about Istanbul, love, memory and loss.

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Innocence of Memories: Orhan Pamuk's Museum & Istanbul online movie review - A interesting slow emotional drama about obsession

An interesting movie which is very different from the movies you normally see today. Very slow in pace with minimal dialogue and only two characters, this is not a movie for that action-packed thrill seeker.

Its a more emotional drama about obsession, Desire and loss. I hesitate to call it love as it does not strike me to be a free in nature and two sided as the obsession with objects and Things in the movie, which to me suggest a closer connection to lust, need and obsession than the kind of love which sets you and everyone free and is based on truth and the ability to let go.

Its a difficult movie to rate, for I get the impression that everything in the movie was done as deliberately and meticulously as the museum of Innocence. Even the slow silent score and position of the camera, the tone of the voice all lures you into the emotional realm and thought, and had me captivated almost as if I got to live the obsession of Kemal myself. It was well narrated.

But that said, the lack of dialogue and limited evidence given to help the viewer along in this drama got tedious at times, especially since I did not find the evidence of love the narrator claimed was there and that made the build up and ending a bit anti-climatic for me.

I liked the movie for its originality and a great change of pace to mainstream movies. I was intrigued, but in the end felt led Down by having used so much time in waiting silence hoping for a greater deeper truth or hope to be revealed in the end which never came.

Not a bad movie, and if you keep expectations low and have a lot of patience you may enjoy this movie. But a bit too much art for the sake of art without a real purpose for me to score it higher.

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