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Interstellar Wars
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For Millennia the Aliien force has watched and waited, a brooding menace that has now at last decided to take over the Earth. Communications systems worldwide are sent into chaos by a strange atmospheric interference and this has turned into a global phenomenon. A massive spaceship headed towards Earth and smaller spaceships began to cover entire cities around the world. Suddenly, the wonder turns into horror as the spaceships destroy the cities with energy weapons. When the world counterattacks, the alien ships are invincible to military weapons. The survivors have to use their wits to kill the aliens, or die.

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Interstellar Wars online movie review - High School Production

Abhorrently Cringe-Wrenching Experience considering Physical Visual and Mental Pain is not possible.

You have been warned! Dead-Panned dialogue read out by preschool grade Thespians and Visual Effects likely submitted by Animators as their first week assignment project.

The younger actors are overwhelmingly focused on being "on screen" and trying too hard to look pretty and "sexy" if that was even possible. The lines are read in monotone and the story line is frustratingly predictable barely making "B-Grade" genre.

The Older Actors seem unwilling and "forced" by their grand-kids to participate in a school project. The nonchalant attitude might come across as forgivable acting skills. Be warned of shouts and screams at random scenes as the deadpan dialogues could be hypnotic.

It's basically so bad it made ME write a Review??!! WTF is THAT?!

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