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Varun Blake is an Atlanta police officer that consumes himself with hunting and bringing to justice a shadowy killer. After being adopted from India by American parents, Varun dedicates himself to the city that doesn't accept him. After a few unexplained murders happen at the newly outsourced company, InfoTech, his ex-wife is in danger of being the next victim.

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Ivide online movie review - This movie should have been show-cased at some major film festival.

Nowadays you hear a lot about Indian movies receiving standing ovations at International Film Festivals. This movie should also have been showcased at one of the major film festivals.

Since most (almost all) of the movie is in English it would have been easy for the who's who of Cinema to understand and judge it. It would have also given them a chance to laugh their hearts out.

The difference between Hollywood and the Indian movie industry is that as time progresses in Hollywood the industry as a whole elevates itself. Unfortunately Indian cinema has not been able to improve their standards as a whole. You have a few good movies like 1983, Premam peppered with dozens and dozens of abysmal movies like this one. In Hollywood they have a special industry that makes movies like Sharknado with bad actors, laughable plot line and amateurish CGI. The good thing is that these type of movies have their own set of fans who prefer movies that are so bad that they are good.

Ivide should ideally fit in the category of movies that are so bad that they are good. Unfortunately as the movie goes on you realize that the director did not intentionally make a bad movie. It is just that he is so clueless about movie-making that it turned out to be a farce.

For a movie that is as long as the entire Harry Potter series put together there is very limited plot to it. Prithviraj who I gather is named Vroon is a cop who is hunting for a serial killer who likes to kill Asian people because he is miffed that all his customer service calls are being answered by Indians in their fake American accent. For someone who has spend almost all his life in th US Vroon has held on to his thick Malayalam accent. Nivin Pauly works at a software firm and is in love with Vroon's ex-wife.

I am a big fan of Nivin Pauly and want to say that he is the saving grace of this movie and comes out of it with his head held high. Unfortunately that would not be true. The movie has no saving grace. Every actor is as bad as the rest.

For a movie shot entirely in the US the director seems to have done zero research before approaching the subject. He apparently typed in '5 top things that Americans do ' into the search-engine and so most of the actors are either playing baseball or wearing hooded jackets or getting drunk or firing guns. I think he skipped out on the Pizza eating part. The director could have just hired a 10 year old kid who has seen half a dozen episodes of CSI/ Law & Order and might have got a better understanding into the working of the American Police Department.

The scene where Vroon decides to approach an armed suspect with his weapon lowered while trying to talk to him would have made every American cop, past or present ,cringe. That is page one of the book , How not to get shot for dummies.

The movie is riddled with plot holes. Apparently his ex- wife has taken out a restraining order against Vroon but he is always standing near her or approaching her or going to her house. I don't think that is how a restraining order works.

The best thing about the movie ,if there was one ,is the ending. Not the climax which is again pretty much laughable but the part where 'The End ' pops up on your screen. You really get this urge to get off your chair/sofa and take a cold shower because you are heavy-headed and nauseous from trying to make sense of it all.

If there was ever a movie that deserved to not be made then this is it. I hope to God that the director would quit making movies for good. Nothing good can come out of him continuing in the profession.

Many years from now when Prithviraj & Nivin Pauly have both retired from acting and make a list of the worst movies that they have acted in you can be rest assured that Ivide would lead the rest. It would take some doing to make a movie worse than this.

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