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Jarhead 3: The Siege
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Corporal Evan Albright (Charlie Weber) joined the elite Marine Corps Security Guards to save the world and see some action-not necessarily in that order. But his first assignment, protecting a U. S. Embassy in a seemingly safe Middle Eastern capitol, relegates his unit to wrangling "gate groupies" protesting outside the compound and honing their marksmanship by playing video games. So Albright and his team are caught off guard when well-armed and well-trained militants launch a surprise attack aimed at killing an informant in the embassy. Heavily out-gunned, they will have to muster all the courage and fire power they can as their once routine assignment spirals into all-out war.

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Jarhead 3: The Siege online movie review - The usual shooting gallery with corny bravado and odd found footage gimmick

It's originally a delight to see B-movie with more emphasis on realism of marine life than merely blasting guns.

Scott Adkins looks better in acting department too as he plays the high rank officer and there's good effort to develop intense scene from military part. However, it soon crumbles with poor Jason Bourne imitation for shady opt, uncomfortable missed machismo and a particularly strange silly man of supporting character.

The first misfit comes in the form of Blake, the documentary guy. He sticks out like a sore thumb in every scene, throwing needless jokes and ruining the high octane sequence. If there is a need for comic relief, then it has to be done with more finesse and less unsavory method. The film gives almost half of its runtime to create a sense of dread, yet this nagging character singlehandedly ruins it, even more so when the other actors trying to deliver a more serious performance.

Scott Adkins is more comfortable here, he has good mentor-student relationship with Albright (Charlie Weber), the protagonist. The rest of the squad are decent as well. Then, it suddenly introduces a tough female character who may or may not be a spy, in Top Gun-esque bantering. There's also mandatory nationalism angle, which is not entirely bad, but seems shoehorned in as emotional bait.

After halfway point the movie pushes the shooting to the maximum volume, gunning for most bullets shot per minute. It's the usual gunslinger military stuff, which is admittedly expected. Nothing too grand, although there are some oddities like people running away from covers and even though Scott Adkins is here, this is not martial art movie, so those expecting intricate hand-to-hand combat might be disappointed.

"Jarhead 3" is the expected cinematic rendition of soldiers filled with testosterone and gunpowder, and also unfortunately a few out-of-elements ridiculous antics.

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