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When a top-secret laboratory is unexpectedly breached, thousands of rampaging raptors are unleashed on Los Angeles! A black-ops unit is mobilized to contain the creatures before they cause city-wide chaos. Simultaneously, a truckload of raptors is rerouted to a nearby prison. Upon their escape, these ferocious flesh-eaters are beyond containment. This is Jurassic judgment night for smoking hot sorority girls, sinister scientists, muscle-bound military and doomed death-row inmates! It's about to get bloody in Jurassic City!

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Jurassic City online movie review - Dinosaurs in jail...

"Jurassic City" should be taken for what it is, which is a cash-in on the popular "Jurassic Park" franchise, complete with the fairly bad CGI dinosaurs and effects, as well as some wooden acting performances.

The story is about a group of young fraternity girls being arrested for driving and driving. They are taken to a correctional Facility that apparently also holds a hardened serial rapist. A militant group brings a load of secret cargo to aforementioned Facility, but as the cargo breaks out, the Facility becomes the hunting grounds for predatory dinosaurs.

A very generic, albeit implausible storyline with enough plot holes to make even a Swiss cheese jealous. And this is complimented by CGI animated dinosaurs that just weren't fully believable. They could have used a bit more money and effort of the CGI effects.

The movie does have a couple of familiar faces on the cast list, just to lure in the audience because the semi-famous actors didn't have that big roles after all. I am, of course, talking about Ray Wise and Vernon Wells here. The overall acting in "Jurassic City" was as to be expected from such a movie; wooden, prehistoric and forgettable.

All in all "Jurassic City" is not overly worth the time and effort, and there are far better movies in the same genre available.

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