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In a small town where people talk to themselves we meet Jim. Sixteen, mediocre looking and frankly quite boring. Things change dramatically when Dean moves in next door.

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Just Jim online movie review - Dead Man's Shoes meets Fight Club

I was lucky enough to see this premier at SXSW but didn't have any background information around the film so really did not know what to expect. In many ways I was glad as I was immediately swept into a world that Craig had created and the impression of the film has stayed with me since.

This is a hugely talented guy; writing, acting and directing a feature length film at the age of twenty-four.

An immediate summary of the film is 'cult classic'. This is a film that needs to be seen and without a doubt will be pegged up with some of the best independent British movies made in this decade.

I found out after the premier that Craig chose to film this movie in his home town, using locations that he grew up in, such as his school and local hangouts. This explained the deep level of authenticity the film exudes at pretty much every turn.

As expected, Craig's performance is outstanding, as is Emile's. The juxtaposition of Dean (Emile), a flamboyant and worldly American, pitched against introverted and quiet Jim (Craig), and dropped into a quite Welsh town, works brilliantly and constantly engages you through the 'Wannabe' storyline.

The other characters in the film develop quickly and you immediately gain an affinity to them. Some of them are only on screen for seconds, but you instantly gauge their purpose and they influence your thinking.

The best way I can describe this film is to think: Dead Man's Shoes meets Fight Club.

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