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Khamoshiyan: Silences Have Secrets
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An erotic love triangle revolving around a writer adrift in the icy slopes of Kashmir where he discovers a woman with a strange, silent past.

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Khamoshiyan: Silences Have Secrets online movie review - Gosh, another Bollywood erotic horror-thriller to numb the minds of cinema lovers.

What on earth are these movie-makers thinking?!? Just put in few hot scenes with romantic songs and people will merrily watch the film with their mouths open?

Forget about horror, this film glorifies the cheap mentality of Indian film makers. In fact I am the biggest fool to waste my time on these crap films. Horror genre is losing its hold day by day not only in Bollywood but also in Hollywood. I know it is difficult to bring up an entirely original horror story these days, but at least deliver a few scares (even jump scares would do).

Here a writer Kabir (Habib Faisal) goes into the wilderness of Jammu to write a novel. No prize for guessing that he stays in a creepy lakeside lodge. The lodge is managed by a single woman Meera (Sapna Pabbi) whose husband Jaidev(Gurmeet Chaudhary) is ill. Soon our writer starts experiencing spooky activities like seeing scary reflections in glass, opening doors, etc. which were more comedy than scary. The wheels wear off even before the ride begins. The suspense and reveal behind the scary events was hilarious. Actually number of times I laughed at the scary moments is more than the number of times I was scared. Not a single moment was scary. By the time we reached the climax ridiculed with pathetic CGI and absurd ho-hums I was least bothered.

With forced romance and songs (a few good ones thanks to Arijit Singh), Khamoshiyan is just another horrex film of Bollywood which I should not have bothered to watch. After the horrendous 'Alone' just a few weeks ago, we have another one in the same month. How desperate can these film-makers be? 2015 so far has been really pathetic for Bollywood with horrible duds like 'Tevar', 'Alone','Dolly ki Doli','Hawaizaada' and now 'Khamoshiyan'. Do yourself a favor and don't waste your time on this crap.

RATING: [0.5/5]

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