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Two foreign exchange high-school students are kidnapped during their quest to get laid on their last night in America.

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Laid in America online movie review - Really Not The Best

When I first heard about this film, its only genuine appeal was the casting of well-known YouTube comedian KSI. I did not however expect this film to interest me in any other way; in this sense, it certainly didn't surprise me.

The acting was relatively weak throughout, from start to finish. Having said that, it was very easy- going and straight forward to watch, making it ideal to watch whenever. It's also fairly obvious this film was not made to be loved by everyone, only people with prior knowledge of KSI's humour. By merely reading the plot summary, anyone could conclude this film was never going to be highlight of anyone's week.

Casper Lee's performance was arguably "cringe-worthy" at best. Furthermore, whilst the plot was never exactly inspired in the first place, the film is so unrealistic in some areas, it draws into question the credibility of it even being a comedy- It's NOT funny.

In summary, it's a short and easy film to watch purely to see KSI's mediocre performance. Aside from this, there are no real highlights in the film. Nowadays, there truly are better films to be watched.

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