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A rookie cop's world is turned upside down when she comes face to face with Paymon - King Of Hell. Officer Jessica Loren has the last shift at a transitioning police station, assigned to wait for a crew picking up bio-hazard waste from the armoury. But unbeknownst to her, cult leader John Michael Paymon has haunted the department ever since he committed suicide in custody. Jessica is about to find out just how dangerous he still is, all alone on the graveyard shift.............

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Last Shift online movie review - An excellent premise NOT realized. 'Unpleasant' does not equal 'Scary'... No true substance, atmosphere or anything solid to grab onto. Blu-ray: Good A:9 V:8

I pretty much agree with both Jim's & Lucas' reviews above. It's interesting to note how yet AGAIN, the immediate negative votes for negative reviews . Negative votes are for reviews that are 'NOT HELPFUL', not because you don't AGREE with them.

Anyway... I was severely disappointed with this movie. I DO like the premise and I feel that the film makers were indeed going for a Classic John Carpenter 'ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13' feel. But to me, I honestly didn't think that it was done that well. It's sad when they start with a good idea, but then the talent to bring it off just simply isn't there, at least not in this case in my lowly and wretched opinion.

After reading some reviews and going into the movie knowing the basic premise, I was REALLY looking forward to seeing this. I really like the 'Deserted Police Station' Horror films, especially the recent 'LET US PREY' (Now ***THAT*** is a damn good film, full of atmosphere, dread, and LOTS of style!) This movie here though... I just kept watching it hoping that it would get better. I really liked the IDEA of the rookie girl alone in the decommissioned police station, and a FEW of the scares were okay. It's like if you read them from the script, you might think, yeah, that sounds pretty cool, but in the execution it just didn't really come across right. And then as I mention in my Summary, just showing us some really unpleasant sights, such as the disgusting looking bathroom (Oh GEE... never seen THAT before...) just to gross us the hell out. THAT my friends is NOT at all scary or entertaining, just gross. Where's the talent in that...?

The point where I really got disgusted (well AFTER the bathroom scene) and I mean 'disgusted' not literally, but with the poor quality and the Ham-Handed way the film was being handled, was when they started showing the interviews with the 'Manson-like' family. I mean, COME ON... Have you ever seen such stupid, trite dialog and acting in your life...? SERIOUSLY... It was SO dang bad with the actors pretending their 'Evil' defiance and expressing in such corny ways how they enjoyed the suffering of their victims. Just stupid... (and insulting to the intelligence of the audience too) We are supposed to be sitting here 'Terrified' at how 'Evil' they are... GEEZ... truly pathetic, honestly. I mean, you compare the GENUINE tension and evil in 'LET US PREY', for example, and then look at this film. Completely laughable. At least to me it was... Actually, ALL the dialog up to that point, brief as it was, was done very poorly and pretty much indicated the lack of talent behind the camera / script. Both the interchange with the Sargent when she first arrived, and especially with the hooker hanging out in the back. The dialog and the acting were REALLY awful. You notice that both reviews before mine mention that...

The primary reason why I am even writing a review for this film that I DIDN'T like (which I normally don't do) is because I am quite honestly P*$$ed off at the reviews that I read which convinced me that there was some actual substance to this film. YES, there were individual ELEMENTS here and there that were kind of scary with things moving on their own and SOME suspense with her walking around checking things out. And, the ONE tiny scene in the locker room was kind of cool. But, what we are talking about here is yet ANOTHER good idea, a good premise, ruined by film makers who just don't know what the hell they are doing (AND some REALLY bad acting)

So FWIW, I was SERIOUSLY disappointed in what COULD have been a pretty damn good story. But, although there were a few, scattered moments here and there that were effective, there was really nothing of substance or any genuinely BELIEVABLE characters, dialog, or atmosphere to hold the damn thing together...

A truly wasted opportunity if there ever was one...

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