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Danny, a commercial editor and documentary filmmaker attempts to finish his film, a study on relationship while navigating the relationships in his own life. Will he continue to chase the unattainable Theresa a hippy new age dancer(Caitlin Fitzgerald) or will he finally admit he's in love with his best friend Carla (Katherine Waterston) who is in an unfulfilling relationship with a political strategist(Gaby Hoffman). Manhattan Romance is a funny insightful look at contemporary life in Manhattan. It explores new age ideas and open relationship as well as true friendship and connection.

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Manhattan Romance online movie review - Wow...

What a thoroughly enjoyable film Mr. O'Brien has created for those of us that love this genre. I have to laugh at the low IMDb score since, as romantic comedic dramas go, this is just about as good as it gets.

Mr. O'Brien's talents as a writer/actor/director are off the charts, as was the performance by Ms. Waterston, who crafted a genuine and spellbinding character that pulls you in and holds your attention. I expect huge things in the future from these two talented performers and can't wait to watch their careers develop. My Wife and I have yet to see Fairhaven, but it is now next up in our cue and expectations are high. If you are a hopeless romantic that enjoys witty, heartfelt dialogue delivered by wonderfully crafted characters, you will love this film. I give it 9 out of 10!

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