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Manson Family Vacation
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The story of two brothers: one who’s devoted to his family, the other who’s obsessed with the Manson Family.

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Manson Family Vacation online movie review - I'm always impressed with anything either Duplas brother does.

'MANSON FAMILY VACATION': Four Stars (Out of Five)

A comedy-drama flick; about two brothers, touring all of the Charles Manson murder sites together. The film stars Jay Duplas and Linas Phillips, as the brothers. Jay and Mark Duplas, also executive produced the low budget movie; which was funded (with $40,000) by a Kickstarter campaign. The movie was written and directed by (first time filmmaker) J. Davis; Davis and Jay Duplas previously co-wrote the 2011 documentary flick 'KEVIN' (which Duplas directed). The movie is interesting, funny and involving; it's a pretty well made little indie flick.

Duplas plays Nick; a devoted family man, with a wife (Leonora Pitts) and a young son (Adam Chernick). Nick's adopted brother, Conrad (Phillips), recently quit his job, and he's traveling through town; so he decides to pay Nick a visit. While staying with Nick, and his family, Conrad asks Nick to tour all of the Charles Manson murder sites with him (which he's obsessively fascinated by). Despite the fact that Nick is repulsed by the idea, he reluctantly agrees.

The movie is quirky, and awkward; two great things in any film (for me). It's funny, in places, but it's also a great character study. Duplas and Phillips both give good performances, and they're both able to really flesh out their characters. The concept, for the film, is bizarre; but oddly fascinating too. It's actually a really interesting way to get to know the two lead characters. The filmmakers did a remarkable job, for such a low-budgeted movie! I'm always impressed with anything either Duplas brother does, though.

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