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Six children genetically cross-bred with avian DNA, complete with wings, take flight around the country to discover their origins.

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Maximum Ride online movie review - Book VS Movie

It seemed like it was an OK movie but i also feel that they should have done a little better.

There was so much stuff in the books that i wish were in the movie and things in the movie that were so different that it seemed confusing and i couldn't tell what was going on. Like for example, The Flock stick together, meaning that they got attacked by the Erasers when Angel was getting kidnapped and when Max and Fang flew off to the School to rescue her in the book Nudge went with them. I was kind of disappointed on the fact that Angel, Nudge and the Gasman NEVER showed their wings. Plus there were some crucial points in the book that weren't NOT implicated in the movie, like when Max helped Ella when she was attacked by those other kids. Fang was NOT supposed to meet her at all. He wasn't supposed to meet her until book 3. In the Angel Experiment he and Nudge were holing up at Lake Mead until Max came back. The wing design i liked. I know the they should be on either side of their spine like in the book, but at least they tried to make it as real as possible, not like mechanical insect wings like in the marvel comic versions. But this movie has been moved around for so long into so many companies that the original script/movie was put into Limbo. It was sad that a lot of big producers and directors never got the chance to be a part of the ride. From what i have been following online is that it was bouncing around until Universal Studios got a hold of the script and then was probably never seen again. Honestly it is a good movie to start off with, like the part where Max and Fang are flying to rescue Angel, the opening scene in the movie where Jeb is driving away from the school with The Flock when they were little, and in the movie when it shows Max's flashbacks to when she was little at the school. I feel that the actor who played young Max was very good. I only hoped that they went all the way to end like in the book they went to New York to find the Institute. I was disappointed in the fact that it caught off right there. But all in all i feel this movie is probably just a stepping stone. I hope. They don't have to make the whole series into movies like Harry Potter or the Hunger Games. They can just make it based on the first three books and just end it there. I wished they continued all the way up to Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports. By that time i say we should sign petitions and help raise money so that way they can have a bigger budget and in turn can help them move more freely in making the movies. I can't wait for of Maximum Ride. I am a huge fan of the series. I have all the books, graphic novels, marvel comic versions, and even all the audio books. Anyway for the sake of the movie and books; "You have got to Soar to Survive."

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