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When Tom learns that he has terminal brain cancer, he decides to find a replacement husband for his wife and a father to his daughter, before it is too late. Unbeknownst to his wife Valentine, Tom sets up an on-line dating profile for her, and realizes that he doesn't know much about her anymore. Tom endeavors to get to know Valentine, and learns why he fell in love with her all those years ago... just in time to say goodbye.

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Meet My Valentine online movie review - TV movie, strange rom-com story.

My wife and I caught this movie on Network TV last night, on Valentine's day. The novelty is the main character's wife is Valentine.

Tom and Val seem to have a nice marriage, with a young daughter, but there doesn't seem to be much passion left. While that is pretty common among couple who have been married 20+ years, it is not common among young couples.

He is an artist, who seems "stuck", and she is a chef with a catering business, but she probably could do more. Like have her own restaurant.

One day Tom gets a severe head pain and when he goes to a doctor finds it is a brain tumor, and for purposes of this story's focus, inoperable. He can get chemo, but probably has no more than 9 months or so to live. So he does what anyone else would do, he sets about finding a suitable replacement, to make sure his wife and daughter stay happy and safe. It is a very unusual approach!

We enjoyed the movie as light entertainment, and all the actors are attractive. We asked each other what we would do in a similar circumstance, and neither of us would do what Tom did. But then our lives are not good TV movie stories either. LOL ...

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