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A beautiful journalist will stop at nothing to get revenge for her daughter's murder. With no help from corrupt cops she decides to take the law into her own hands and joins a vigilante gang of gangsters and football hooligans to track down the sick, sadistic killers and get her justice....

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Mob Handed online movie review - What the....

this has to be without a word of a doubt, the worst film I have ever seen.

I cannot even describe the exact layer of atrocity that this film is.

The actress playing the lead Yvette Rowland tries her best to prove that being an awful actress is just the tip of the iceberg. She someone manages to suck the life out of every single person she acts opposite, Leslie Grantham, Chris Ellison, Jeff Stewart go from being solid performers to utterly terrible, as Rowland does her vampire style acting "talent" draining their lifeforce.

Everything about the movie is terrible, on a monumental level, only I think the movies creators (one of whom is the awful Rowland) are two daft to see exactly how awful it is.

The icing on the cake, of a film about paedophiles is the song that repeatedly plays "touch and tell", this is a movie so awful you need to watch it just to see how not to make a movie, I looked forward to this film for 4 years as it claimed it was going to do great things, instead, its car crash filmmaking of mammoth proportions.

I never thought i'd say these words but i enjoyed the moment Rowlands daughter was raped an murdered, simply because Rowlands acting made it so unbelievably funny, it was borderline hysterical.

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