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When Alex, an infiltration expert with a secret past, accidentally reveals her identity during what should have been a routine heist, she quickly finds herself mixed up in a government conspiracy and entangled in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse with a master assassin and his team of killers. Armed with her own set of lethal skills, Alex looks to exact revenge for her murdered friends while uncovering the truth.

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Momentum online movie review - Very Thrilling and Underrated.

I Really Enjoyed This Film and I don't get the hate for it.I thought this was a very Action Packed Film and it was extremely Thrilling From beginning to End.

This Film was just relentless in its Action and I was hooked on it from beginning to End. Olga Kurylenco Plays a Clever Thief and at the start of the Film she Robbes the bank with three men to steal these diamonds. I thought the Acting was good from everyone Especially Olga Kurylenco. Olga was Great as the Lead Woman and I thought she was a total Badass,and she knew how to fight.Olga plays a likable and Strong character and I was cheering for her to Kick The Bad guys Asses.

I thought the Bad guys were Very Evil Especially The Mr Washington Character played by James Purefoy. James Purefoy was a Nasty Piece of Work in this Film and I thought he was a Decent Bad guy,he was very convincing and he played his part Well.What I Liked about this Film was its Dark and Gritty Atmosphere, I like that kind of Atmosphere in an Action Thriller, I also Liked the intense music that was played during the chase scenes. The Action scenes in the Hotel were really good when all the Bad guys chase Olga, there were some decent Shootouts in the building too which I enjoyed. I personally Thought Olga Gave the Bad guys a Run for their Money during the Hotel scenes, she put up a good fight and defended herself well.

The Music also adds to the Suspense and it makes the movie Even More Thrilling and Exciting. The music is a big positive for this Film because I thought it fit the Film like a Glove. Most Action Films play the wrong kind of music and it doesn't Fit with the Chase scenes but this Film has the Right Music and I was very pleased with that. I give a big Kudos to the Music Composers For their Music because I Loved it, and the type of Music they made should be in More Action Films because it fits Very Well.

Another Positive for this Film is the cinematography, I personally Liked it and I found a lot of the shots interesting. This was a straight Forward Action Thriller and sometimes Straight Forward Works and this is a film were I thought it Worked. People need to realise a straight forward plot is Not Always a Bad Thing, This Film Was Simple but it Worked because it was Very Thrilling and Full of Action, You also have a Cool women as your Lead character which Helps. I personally Liked The Lead Woman because I thought she was Strong, I Liked that she was a Fighter, she wasn't Just Another Damsel in distress and it was Refreshing to see that for once.

The Story and Writing were Average, I am Not Going to Lie The Story was Not Great or Mind Blowing but I thought it worked Well and I liked the story. I really Don't have many problems with the film, I guess I have only three.1:The Ending Fight with the Main bad guy could have been a bit better and maybe Longer.2:I Like Morgan Freeman but he was very Underused and I felt he didn't Even need to be in the film because he didn't do anything, he was only there to Talk.3:the Ending was A Bit Rushed and the Film was Left open as if there would be more to come,and I don't think that was Nessaserey.

Other than those three Things I don't have any other big complaints. For the most part I was entertained by the Film and found it a Fun Ride. The Film was Fast paced and it Never got Slow, Maybe I'm just a Sucker for Cat and Mouse Action Thrillers, Either way This was a Good One,it was Brutal,Dark and Gripping and I Recommend it.

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