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A unique friendship develops when a little girl and her dying mother inherit a cook - Mr. Church. What begins as an arrangement that should only last six months, instead spans fifteen years.

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Mr. Church online movie review - "Hands" down for Mr. Murphy

**** May contain strong spoilers ****

This is a review made by StoneDraim... and that means that if you want to read a probably different kind of review, keep reading....

This is my personal experience, my personal point of view/perspective and my personal opinion... and my opinion is just one of like 7 billions in this world.

Something strange in here... an almost feel good movie with a sense of tragedy and severe authentic blend. Nice little movie about an odd friendship starting out and growing through life.

A little fresh with things starting off with a family losing their father and all of a sudden have a private cook in their life, Mr. Church. Descent story developing into a little subtle and feel good movie just following the path of the lives of the family. Nothing more, nothing less.

A typical "standard movie" that just hitting around the "good button", so to speak. And one of the things that puts the production, the script, the drama, the directors and the actors down is the forced development in the movie. Example; first the girl is very offended by the cook, and then just few minutes later accepting the cook and smiles just like sunshine... it's going too fast as usual in "around good button" movies.

At the end of the day, Mr. Church is almost reaching the "feel good" quality. As I use to say; when the emotions and the feelings is in second hand within a production and a motion picture, the movie can aim, scratch and claw all they want, just to realize that they have missed the goal in the end. Sadly, Mr. Church is one of those...

If it were more run through, with a deeper feeling and more subtle in the sense of a deeper meaning to the changes of the childhood to the grown lady, Mr. Church growing old and so on, it could have been up there amongst the heavy productions.

The mystery around who Mr. Church really is, is treated in an almost arrogant way, just passes on, so to speak. In a great movie, they should have worked greatly around the mystery surrounding Mr. Church. The good thing is that the film is reflecting the authentic way that life generally have.

Two solid and big errors: first of all in the character of Mr. Church. Instead of acting and grasping the fundamental ways of a about 70 year old man, Mr. Murphy is acting and moving as he were 40 or 50 years old. Sudden and fast movements, the quick responses and so on. sometimes his hair is black all of a sudden despite his 70 years. Sometimes it is grey as probably would be in the 70's. Thisw could have been seen as flukes and small things... "at my house", it brings down the whole rate. The dialogue in some place is too flat, some acting skills and forced acting is giving this movie away into the only "good rate". One example of forced acting is in the end when Twiggs is entering the wake and the whole situation when Charlie meets him is too fast, speaking of growing the relationship. He tastes

Mr. Church food and before having the possibility of tasting the food, he immediately says it's delicious. Too fast to reflect the authentic feeling.

It is a good movie, and I can recommend it as a little nice drama flick.

Over to the movie as a product: - The production : Nice production with costumes and the surroundings balancing the age of the early '70s. The colours and the slightly dark theme of the filming itself is carrying on the intent of the drama that being implemented into the movie. Sadly they have chosen the "wrong" music for this kind of movie; the jazz is spot on, the other music is giving Mr. Church a thin story. - The actors : Eddie Murphy and Britt Robertson are doing their parts well. As other also has written; very good to see Mr. Eddie Murphy in a serious role and he carries the character quite well. An positive comeback for him, I would say. - Entertainment : 7,7 on IMDb is too far up the scale, as I put this one in 6,3. A very fresh and needed twist in the end, that the whole story is written from the beginning to the end by Charlie Brooks, and it is the story that she wrote that we watch. - Age : Rated PG-13 for thematic elements

6,3 out of 10. (The final rate is based most on my own entertainment of the movie. Short elucidation of the rating: 5 Approved. 4 Failed. Lacking in character.)

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