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Hailey is a conceited, professional woman and self-proclaimed serial dater with no interest in marriage. She believes no one man can possess all five of her most coveted qualities until she meets Christopher, a handsome businessman who has sworn off women. When Christopher shows no interest in Hailey she does everything she can to pursue him.

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My Favorite Five online movie review - Captivating and Romance

Excellent movie! The storyline was amazing and kept me captivated. I love watching a good, romantic and a tear-drop movie. I was born on a small-city island and having a scene with the water and sunset, just took me back.

I remembered those days growing up and taking a companion out on the shores just to watch the sunset and appreciate the time we shared. Thanks for taking me back home. It was great to see that each character was able to be flexible with their emotions in every aspect of their relationships. Although the movie was very entertaining, I was very emotional and drawn to the main characters (Chris & Halley) Great job to the cast, writers and the producers. Michelle, Houston Texas

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