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In an attempt to launch their careers, two young actors investigate a disturbing viral video of a French psychic's prophecy. As they shed light on the mysterious footage, their journey will test their friendship, threaten their lives and reveal a most troubling secret.

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Nietzermann online movie review - Nietzermann

I first discovered the Nietzermann prophecies online and then found other videos by Luke and Mack investigating the French Psychic.

Nietzermann's videos were really intriguing and I have to say that I couldn't tell whether it was authentic or if it was a big hoax. Now, I feel much better, but no spoilers here. I was afraid to see a movie with two guys behind a computer for ninety minutes, but the trailer was convincing enough -  And wow! What a ride! The suspense is riveting and the story very well told.  The camera was moving a lot but it's almost the rule for this kind of films. Now, was it a hoax and these guys decided to make a movie out of it? Did they create a hoax themselves to make a movie out of it (that actually would be awesome)? or is the 1980 tape authentic??? (I said no spoiler!)? Anyway, it definitely has the feel of the Blair Witch Project and Paranormal activity, but conspiracy style. Enough said. Great little indie movie! Check it out.

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