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Oliver's Deal online movie review - A financial thriller set in the Peruvian countryside and bustling NYC.

The Debt won several awards at several different film festivals, and for good reason. The film is a thriller set in the financial world of Peru and New York, and follows a young businessman who's tasked with purchasing land in the countryside.

The plot takes off quickly, and instantly grips the viewer in compelling twists and turns as characters unfold different parts of the mystery. Stephen Dorff plays the young businessman, and he does an incredible job, and really delivers. His character, at first, is only concerned with sealing the deal, but later becomes torn between his morals and his job. His boss is played by the Oscar nominated David Strathairn, and also delivers a great performance. A seemingly cliché demanding boss at first, it's revealed that he has more sinister intentions in mind. Elsa Olivero plays a struggling nurse whose sole goal is helping her mother receive the surgery she desperately needs. Her performance is also one for the books, and as all their plot threads come together at the end, you'll be glued to the screen. It has a thought provoking ending, and it's heart- warming at the same time. I highly recommend this compelling film, for it will surely surprise anyone who sees it.

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