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After the death of his girlfriend, Travis, a thirty-something psychiatrist, struggles to keep it together. On the brink of a nervous breakdown he stumbles across a strange church run by a charismatic leader, Pastor Jay. In search of answers Travis is led deeper and deeper into the underworld of religious fanaticism, home to a Doomsday cult and a teenage girl named Grace.

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One Eyed Girl online movie review - In the land of Adelaide movies, One Eyed Girl stands alone

Here is one film, I finally got around to watching on Netflix, thanks to my friend, and I'm glad I did. Here is one film, thanks to it's originality and story, that completely enraptured and mesmerized me.

Small admittance: I was an extra in this Adelaide film, and I was glad I was' part of it. Another thing I liked about this movie is how dark it is, visually too. The story involves a psychiatrist, haunted and mentally tortured by a former patient who took her own life, in a scene familiar to that in the starting of Color Of Night, one film, this film is a long way from. When receiving a flyer, to a mind minding group, a facade for a cult, run by a deceptive host, father Jay (Steve Le Marquand), at first against it, he becomes one of them, where coming to realize soon, things aren't what they seem amongst this manipulated many. Funnily enough I was expecting much more violence, one suicide scene, seemed very implicit, I for one, was kind of thrown, as I remember the director saying, prefore to shooting, it was gonna be quite graphic. But OEG is just such a different and totally absorbing riveting movie experience with very good, if real performances to boot. But none, are better than it's lead, Winter, who I actually met. He displays so many levels of emotion, making him one hell of a character/actor to watch, a likable one too, but all of this is so authentic, not overdone in anymore. A true blue, fine crafted performance, that makes you realize, there's some really great up and coming talent out there. Taking second dibs, was Le Marquand, who I also really liked, a good actor and real larrikin character, off set, who I also met. He was the other memorable performance, and there were others. Everyone pulls their weight here and delivers, even ones in little parts, or b.g. shots, but what I liked about the acting of the mains in this film, was the believability and realism of their performances, to their situations and predicaments, of course none finer than Winter. The opening overhead shot, that kind of had you debating if that was Adelaide, as some of it was shot in Sydney from what I believed, which heralded this Indie masterpiece, was an impressive start for this low budget winner. A winner that warrants "must see viewing" from anyone who hasn't seen it, but if disturbed or affected by cults, this film is not for you. The music scores are hauntingly great, the end movie score fittingly is sadly beautiful. Of course, the end one on the train, I had a few qualms, but the tragic outcome of for one hits hard, as does the film. On the whole, One Eyed Girl, a one eyed masterpiece, is one encapsulating and well received movie experience, just probably not on IMDb.

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