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Four years into his first stable relationship, a man finds out that he is pregnant with his partner's baby.

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Paternity Leave online movie review - Had such high hopes...

I had looked forward to seeing this movie for months-- ever since I heard about it this Spring. I finally was able to get my hand on a copy over the weekend and had a very hard time on the number of stars to give it.

The story was contrived, but the lead actors seemed to overcome a rather weak script. It is billed as "uproariously funny" but neither me or my husband ever even chuckled. If you are going to tell stories involving men delivering toilet babies, and later an at-home birth in an inflatable pool, some thought should go into the actual mechanical difference of the male and female bodies. Sitting on a toilet makes "some sense" if you can wrap your head around the idea of a baby coming from your colon, but sitting on your derrière in a pool of water would pretty much make it impossible for a "baby" to come out. There were lots of laughs that were left unsaid. This movie was much more a romantic-drama and not really a comedy at all-- until the credits when they go for the cheap laughs of having a white bear portraying a ghetto-queen. Watch it for the acting, not the comedy or the story.

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