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Video game experts are recruited by the military to fight 1980s-era video game characters who've attacked New York.

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Pixels online movie review - Future Cult Classic

I was excited for this movie. I knew the critics were going to go hard on it. I knew that most of the so called professional critics weren't even going to see the movie and would trash it based solely on Adam Sandler and Kevin James.

I don't blindly hate Adam Sandler like most of the drones nowadays. Sure he had horrible movies in the past few years like Jack and Jill, the Grown Ups movies, and Thats My Boy. But he's had more hit than miss. He's even proved he can be a dramatic actor in his masterful performance in Punch Drunk Love, which I wish he would try again. So seeing the trailers for this really intrigued me. I knew not to expect much substance. I just knew it was going to be a fun comedy action movie. When the movie was finally in theaters my predictions of the unwarranted hateful reviews were spot on. But did that stop me from going to see it? Heck no. I've learned long ago not to trust movie critics most of the time. Sometimes their right. This isn't one of those times.

*Plot* I'm sure you already know the basics. The US sends a message containing cultural phenomena such as video games, movies and music out into space in the 80s. Years later the aliens come back having taken the message as an act of war and are attacking the Earth in various countries in the form of classic video games. It's up to the presidents life long best friend, a video game arcade champion from childhood and current home theater installer adult to save the day with help from other video game virtuosos. What unfolds is a series of battles in the form of 'stages' in video games to help save the earth from these aliens.

Yes, it's ludicrous. Yes, Adam Sandler is a hero in this movie. Yes, Kevin James is the president. So what? This movie was very funny. I don't know what the critics were talking about this time especially. The jokes weren't flat. I haven't laughed this much at an Adam Sandler movie in years. It was also good. Sure there were some moments that made me roll my eyes, like the whole side plot of romance. Also, Adam Sandler had a few funny lines, but he's not even the real star of this movie. The real stars are the supporting cast and the video game representations which were spot on. Josh Gad was so funny it hurt. Peter Dinklage was painfully hilarious. And as far as Kevin James being president goes, he did a good job at being funny but restrained at the same time. I'm sure most people were assuming he would be the wacky character of Paul Blart in a presidents suit. Wrong. Even the kids who played the young versions of the characters in the beginning did a great job. The theater I was in was full of laughter throughout at least 90% of the movie. Oh and the soundtrack was superb in catching the style of the 80s. The action scenes were intense. The visual effects used to created the classic video game characters were done so perfectly. But again there were action parts that were so over the top that they were lame such as Adam Sandlers character driving in reverse off of a parking garage and shooting the enemy dead before safely landing on a lower buildings roof. But then I remembered 'Why shouldn't I believe that when I'm believing that these video game characters are out and about?'. Exactly, some critics who actually saw the movie took the unbelievable plot too seriously. The low score on many sites surely affected its Box Office. But mark my words, the reviews and comments from people who actually saw the movie and loved it, are in the majority and they will help this movie rebound into the cult classic it's destined to be. Here's an example. When the movie first came out, its score on this website was a meager 4.4/10. Less than two weeks, and the day I'm typing this review the score has risen to 5.5/10. Though not a high score, this does show that the reviews are quickly getting more positive. As the negative scalding reviews are starting to get lost in the crowd of love for this movie. I predict in the future it will reach the mid to high 6/10 territory. Don't let the Sandler haters crowd your judgement. This is meant to be seen on the big screen. Don't take it too seriously. Go take your kids or see it with friends. Especially if you were a kid during the 80s or know other people who were around during that time. This will be a huge blast of fun nostalgia for you and others if so. But even if you don't recognize all the throwbacks in this movie, you will still have a good time! This was probably the best Adam Sandler comedy since Anger Management. But I dare say it's his best and most fun movie altogether. I would love to see a sequel!

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