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After witnessing a brutal crime, things are finally starting to look up for 17 year old high school dropout Chelsea. She's fallen madly in love with Jeff, an older and accomplished man who is promising to give her the life she can only dream of; there's only one hitch...he's still married! To make matters worse, Chelsea finds out she is pregnant and Jeff wants nothing to do with the baby.

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Pregnant At 17 online movie review - What a fairy tale! Surprisingly watchable if unbelievable

The story is totally unbelievable. Yet it's told in a way that makes it watchable. Josie Bisset is beautiful as a wife who lost a baby. Her husband has been having an affair and impregnates a girl who is 17.

He won't man up. It's all quite believable till then Josie befriends the girl and starts to look after her! At the same time the 17 year old has some wacko she identified at a crime come after her. things lead to an impossibly happy ending. So this is a bit of a combo movie mild thriller with lifetime adultery drama.

Are there women who forgive their husband's mistresses and befriend them? Anyway I though it was a pretty good watch considering the total fairy tale it was.

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