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Four divers are stuck deep underwater in a vessel after a freak storm destroys their ship. Will they survive?

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Pressure online movie review - Masterful Execution

This is a compact movie about a few divers that get stranded on the ocean floor while attempting a repair to some pipelines for a company.

The scenes feel like they are ripped from a theatre play - well set, brilliantly acted and intense without spelling out the drama for you. By contrast to, say, The Martian, with a similar subject, that has also been released this year, this movie focuses more on the suspense, psychological depth, human sacrifice and well, I guess, they nailed it: pressure!

Since it is an UK, dare I say, European production, the feeling that this movie gives you is way more profound than what a cheesy Hollywood could deliver. The "acts" are carefully planned: I kept looking to see how much of the movie is left over, fearing that at some point they will get bored with it and start speeding it up. However, the movie paces slowly and carefully and it is quite balanced! There is a recent trend taking place in cinematography where the distance in time between the intrigue, exposition and outcome are unevenly balanced - for example, there are movies that take a long time to get to the intrigue, then rush the exposition and offer a very short outcome, etc... Pressure on the other hand seems to pace evenly amongst them which makes it a very pleasant movie to watch as well as making it a memorable film.

Compared to a famous similar movie "The Abyss" (1989) that aims to be somewhat more extravagant and follows a good narrative typical of an 80s/90s Sci-Fi production, Pressure seems to be the realistic counterpart where the rough corners remain unbrushed and delivered to you raw. Pressure seems to lack the spelled-out Romanticism of Hollywood productions but it is still present in the scenes and lets the viewer digest it on their own without blatantly explaining it.

I would highly recommend this movie - the beginning is a tad bland, but it does not waste time, and the minute the intrigue is spelled out, you will be irremediably hooked. Nota bene though, if you are after an action packed story, with CGI imagery this may not be for you. However, due to a masterful execution, strong production and excellent acting, the movie may just as well stun, shock and terrify you at certain moments.

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