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Based on Robert Sullivan’s bestselling book, Morgan Spurlock and his team travel around the world to bring viewers face to face with rats while delving into humans’ complicated relationship with the creepy creatures.

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Rats online movie review - Rats are populating cities

Obviously the movie deals with rats, rats infestation, rats control, medical effects on the popultation by rats...Rats are everywhere to be found. In big cities like New York as portrait.

But they also show, how people try to keep down rat population in India. On one hand, you have New Yorker pest control via toxins, highly self protected. On the other hand India where they beat those rats to death, even touch them with bear hands, having no protection to wear. In Vietnam they found traps to be useful to protect crops or drowning - each their finances possibilities. A variety of pest control throughout nations are presented.

You wonder what happens to rats corpses, especially in Asia. You wouldn't have guessed.

Rats transmit diseases, they carry parasites harmful to men. In this movie they do rats autopsies and show off body parts infested with parasites. Did you know, they even archive rats?

I didn't like the tone of the movie. Rats where shown as "horror clowns" when in fact human beings are to blame as THE reason of heavy rat reproduction. We are the culprit because we throw out trash on the streets, carelessly. Food is found everywhere, that's the invitation for rats to join.

If we had self-awareness of our actions, rats wouldn't populate this much. But of course, our conscience is clear.... Due to the movie horrifying rats and not human beings, I can only give 5 stars. Nevertheless, I learned a bit more about human-rats relationship. Okay-ish movie.

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