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Minnesota, 1990. Detective Bruce Kenner (Ethan Hawke) investigates the case of young Angela (Emma Watson), who accuses her father, John Gray (David Dencik), of an unspeakable crime. When John unexpectedly and without recollection admits guilt, renowned psychologist Dr. Raines (David Thewlis) is brought in to help him relive his memories and what they discover unmasks a horrifying nationwide mystery.

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Regression online movie review - Big deal in a negative way

Before viewing this "Regression" film, here are some dark thoughts I want to tell you first after so many years' pondering from the sideline:

#1 Religions: No matter what kind, are the ways and means to control and protect the entitlement of the privileged minority groups, just like the inheritance of the royalties of every country to protect and control the welfare and benefit of their inherited fortune. These people in the the early beginning created a mumble jumble being to render them power to reign over the lower class to surrender their limited common sense to the high and the almighty that was created in the name of "God", a somebody who, or something which, you could never verify its existence.

#2 Church or Temple: No matter what kind or in what kind of structural shapes or forms, often built in high and wide for the purpose to give a false impression of the God Almighty's greatness. But sadly, these buildings now just became markets to pander or lobby for political or commercial even social advantages. Politicians use the church to build their God-loving images to fool more voters' ballots; real-estate agents use them to throw their nets to farm in more house sellers; younger ones use these places to do the or stuff...the purposes of going there are so many that only God knows what these so-called "Believers" are really trying to do for their own benefits or personal gains.

#3 18 years old Adulthood qualification: Under this rigid legal stipulation, any person under the age of 18 is treated a "Child", so the noun "Underage" means that as long as they are under 18 years old, they must be treated as "Child or Children". So if people over the age of 18 trying to have sex with the people under 18, specific legal dirty words such as "Pedophile", "Pedosexuality", "Child Molest" were tagged to whom did unlawful things to the people under 18 years, serious punishment and imprisonment thus applied. BUT if these so-called Underage children to have sex between or among them, it's okay, there's no law to forbid them to do so. Just because this lack or short of law to forbid the so-called underage to have unlimited sex, underage teen pregnancy has become a huge burden of the society of every country.

# Incest: There are fathers do bad things to their daughters, there are mothers do things to their sons, even the grandparents sometimes do uncalled for things to their grand kids. (*one of the main ingredients of this film)

# Cult: Religions or beliefs that are not the main stream of the dominant religions such as Christian or Catholic, with limited or fewer believers or followers. Since Mormonism got lot of believers and followers, the Christian or Catholic organizations had unwillingly but unhappily to recognize it as not a Cult religion but a branch of their own. Any other belief, such as Satanism, is tagged and condemned as cult, as they preach the opposite of the main stream beliefs. (*another main ingredient of this film)

Since I've known and understood the above-mentioned crap for so many years, watching this "Regression" film has inevitably became so uninteresting and pointless. The film was trying so hard to tell a no-big-deal story with a storyline and scenario that have been used thousand times to pan out an one-direction, one-way boring film that should not to be produced at all.

By the way, if you have the opportunity to watch those porn films from Japan, child molest is the most popular theme or subject, raping or fooling the so-called "underage" girls to have sex with or by the male adult Japanese, or the female adults luring the so-called "underage" boys to have sex with them are indeed so overwhelmingly popular, and what the Japanese government did? None. Why? Or if you like to know the "Whys" Japanese government never tried to crack down or to stop these so-called "Child Porn" movies, better check out the Japanese history from their feudalism era to the modern day invasion of the Asian countries, rape without any age limit is their male dominant tradition.

So, just tell me what's the big deal of this specific movie? Morality standard for the social justice is always the ways and means for the dominant few. It's like driving a car on an one-way street, there's no way to make a U turn until you hit a cross road.

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