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In a near-future world, where individuals have their memories downloaded for backup, a man awakes in a body that is not his own.

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Restoration online movie review - Great film, thought provoking, original

I really enjoyed this film. The premise is wonderful, the acting great, and the sound design is fantastic also.

As a film, the story didn't go the way I expected it to, which is always a good sign when watching any movie whether sci-fi or not ... it definitely surprised me. I'm the kind of person who tends to map films out in my head ahead as I go, but I didn't get it right this time - some surprising events. I guess my only complaint would be I would have enjoyed it being longer! Definitely has shades of Black Mirror and things like that, so if you enjoyed that you will enjoy this.

I also spent some time thinking about it afterwards, which is another good sign. Recommended.

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