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Emily Burns is being held captive in a room with no idea as to why or how she got there. Determined to escape and return to her daughter and husband, Emily discovers clues within the room that help explain what she's doing there. They even provide clues about who she is...but will they help her escape?

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Riddle Room online movie review - Slow and boring psychological drama that builds to, um, nothing

My quick rating - 2,4/10. Slow and boring psychological drama that builds to, um, nothing. Glad it was only 80 minutes long. Woman wakes up in a room with no idea of who took her or why.

With clues from the room, she must piece together why she is being held captive. This will lead the viewers on a mundane journey filled with boredom right up to the really stupid and ridiculous ending. I can't really comment about things such as acting, effects, camera work. They are all non-existent and the scenery is someones finished extra room built in their basement. Here is the part that I have to just type more for length and I don't really have more to say about this movie. I am talking myself into rating this lower so i'll shut up.

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