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Riley's First Date?
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Riley, now 12, is hanging out at home with her parents in San Francisco when potential trouble comes knocking: a boy shows up at the door.

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Riley's First Date? online movie review - Funny little add-on

"Riley's First Date?" is a 4.5-minute animated short film that takes place after the end of Pixar's very successful "Inside Out". The question mark in the title makes a lot of sense as this is not really a date.

Sadly for Riley's parents (and luckily for us), her parents aren't aware of that and try to ask her and the boy in their house what is going on. I thought the first 2 minutes were really funny and the second half was merely okay. The director is Josh Cooley, who also already made the "Up" sequel short film "George & A.J." and he voiced Jangles the Clown in "Inside Out".

But back to this short film here. On a very positive note, they managed to get all the voice actors from the "real" movie in here as well. It is impossible to pack as much emotion and drama into such a short film as there was in "Inside Out", so they did not even try and made this 100% comedy here. And it's a job well done. Seeing the emotions inside everybody's heads just never gets old (or not yet) because it is something that looks different for every character and the moments we get to look inside Jordan's head were among the very best of this short film. I generally found the (lack of) conversation between the dad and Jordan funnier than Riley and her mother. The youth language thingey has been done many times already and it kinda stops being funny at some point, for me pretty quickly. But that's my only criticism. "Riley's First Date?" is a funny little movie and I recommend it to everybody who enjoyed "Inside Out". Thumbs up!

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