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Manny has moved to a new school, and it's not easy to fit in. After wishing he had more friends, Manny finds a mysterious collar and puts it on Rufus, the family dog. Suddenly, Rufus turns into a boy! Manny's not sure what to do, so he enrolls Rufus in school. When the other students notice Rufus's silly dog antics -- chasing squirrels, eating without utensils, asking for belly rubs, and catching a soccer ball with his mouth -- he immediately becomes the most popular kid around. Manny is jealous of his new best friend but eventually learns that a dog's loyalty to his owner always comes first.

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Rufus online movie review - You know when you should stop making movies when....

I honestly have no respect for Jace Norman whatsoever, he's a generic tween actor that will be forgotten in a couple of years. I expect what he's in is bad, but this proceeded my expectations.

The plot is very cliché'd. It's about this necklace that can turn you into a human? i don't know much on since the movie doesn't and we meet our bland and text book new student being a nobody from Texas, hey at least they didn't make him a stereotype, they just made him bland. Trying to impress the textbook crush played by Haley Tju, who i also didn't like. My same reasons for Jace except more forgettable. Rufus is the golden retriever, while walking him they find that necklace i said before. It turns him into a human, when taking it off it turned him back to normal. In fact there's a scene where the dad comes in and yet doesn't show him. Why? it';s not like he's going to say no to it. I can tell up to that, because the rest is unnecessary boring filler, the only jokes are "Ha ha get it, he's a dog in a humans body" and etc. The climax is when Textbook new kid gets kidnapped and textbook climax happens a fake out death and a happy ending. Oh wait a squirrel is talking to Mr Black because that was his boss, what?

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