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The beauty of the land cannot mask the brutality of a farm town. As harvest draws near, Betty confronts a terrifying new reality and will go to desperate lengths to save her family when they are threatened with being forced from their land. An old friend, struggling to keep his own farm profitable by any means necessary, offers Betty a way out. She refuses to get involved, but as the pressures mount for her family and they are on the brink of eviction, her husband, Frank, reveals that he is seriously ill. How far will one to go to take care of one’s own? Recalling all that is heartland Americana, this film combines an ecological urgency with a compelling yet sensitive story.

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Runoff online movie review - And the point of this... Was?

What can I say about Runoff? As Paul Daniels would say (if he was in the least bit still relevant) "Not a lot".

And, as the washed-up magician's hair disappeared as soon as he reached adulthood, the remnants from watching this movie will vanish from your mind as soon as it's over. Forgets thrills, spills and chills... This is more akin to a pedal boat ride in Bognor Regis. On a Sunday. With your grandparents. While listening to Radio 4.

This farm is having financial troubles. A big warehouse firm is looking to buy the land. The family that live there are skint. And, they have other problems too... The father may have a terminal illness, the eldest son is a pothead, and the younger boy is a disobedient brat. Only the mother seems sane (Could it be... Because the writer/ director was a woman? Hmm) and even she gives into temptation by the end... Agreeing to dump some toxic waste in nearby water in exchange for much needed cash.

And that's as exciting as it gets, folks. Believe it or not, NONE of these problems are solved by the end, and we'll left guessing if they get to hold onto their property, if the dad is sick or not, etc. I understand this is supposed to be a 'slice of life' kind of picture, but c'mon... You HAVE to make things a bit livelier than mom and son sharing a bong. Oh, I forgot... A disabled extraneous character, we've only seen for about five minutes beforehand, suffers chemical burns near the conclusion. WOW. Let's just say, I didn't feel a great sense of emotional investment.

Everything, the acting, camera-work, pacing, is fine. It's just been applied to such a dull script, that it's all a bit of a wasted effort. Sort of like writing a school essay about 'What I Did This Weekend' in your best handwriting, with a quill feather. Not worth it. 5/10

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