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After a devastating terrorist attack annihilates New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, the US government develops state-of-the-art drone patrols to counter terrorist activities and police the population. When Patterson Endcott, a scientist and drone controller, finds his name listed as a potential terrorist, he unites with a group of resistance fighters to spearhead the fight against the tyrannical government.

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RZ-9 online movie review - meh, bad but I have seen worse

While I can not agree that this should be in the theater, it was fine for a B wanna-be action thriller. While the writers show a profound disconnect between current political realities, it has been amusing. If you need a good background move or just need something mind numbing this is good.

What really nauseated me was the religious connections made about the main characters, it seems obvious that parts were intentionally cut not to irritate the current religious right. Sadly this is a rather ignorant way of writing, that being said, conservative extremists survivalist types find this movie great.

Acting started good, 30 minutes in it got way worse. I think what bugs me the most is that no one seems to know how actual military personnel act.

There were soooo many technical holes, writing holes, direction holes, I could not list them all here, artistic direction was very low par too. I strongly suspect that this movie had many parts cut in script revisions and the editing room floor.

Generally the cliché laden dialog, technical writing problems, and absurdest understanding of world politics, killed this movie. The cg effects were OK, foley and muzzle flash syncing was bad, just bad, as one other reviewer put it "1980's quality"

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