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Scrat: Spaced Out
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In the main events of Ice Age: Collision Course, Scrat is captured by Scratazons who take away his acorn. Now, Scrat must rescue his Acorn and escape before the aliens can catch him.

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Scrat: Spaced Out online movie review - Scrat, the adorable saber-toothed squirrel

First of all, loved it! Yet another Scrat adventure and it was awesome. Causing chaos left and right only for trying to hold on to his beloved acorn.

I am a big animation fan and I enjoy Ice age, but it would not be the same without Scrat. Not because he is somewhat the driver of the story line (in my opinion) but because he is hilarious to watch and can only be praised for his effort trying to achieve the impossible over and over again.

And for those who like Ice Age and love Scrat, watching all his shorts in one go is like watching a Scrat movie and I hope they will continue this until they run out of ideas for Ice Age.

Great animation and a lot of laughs from start to finish.

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