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After a cataclysmic event, five strangers sealed inside an emergency shelter with all the comforts of home must learn to cope with their situation and with each other.

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Shelter online movie review - Sometimes good,sometimes terrible.

This movie was a little hard to rate or sum up because some scenes and character development was well done in terms of the emotions conveyed and how they showed the paranoia and tension builds up but some scenes seemed rushed and happens all of a sudden.

Those scenes felt like it was purposely inserted to create a shock value and maybe because movies of similar theme had scenes like that in them. Some may not like the movie at all since it's not action oriented. The movie tries to focus on the emotions of a small group of people trapped in a very bad situation. I enjoyed certain scenes and definitely felt that the film makers should be praised for those. However,the acting and the pacing should have been a lot better. So many things ended up as a cliché that are usually present in movie like this. The director did manage to offer certain fresh things in the movie by not making the character too cliché or boring. Each had there characteristics and scenes that make us understand and feel for them. That was one of the plus point of the movie. If only the director made it a more tense and gripping thriller or a more emotional drama,this movie would have been a lot more memorable. A good effort though and worth watching once.

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