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When a supernatural cult threatens Earth, Alice must assemble a team of fairy tale villains to face the literal forces of Death.

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Sinister Squad online movie review - Fool me once ....

Why even bother to have a review section for any films made by The Asylum?

They specialize in really bad knockoffs as a ploy to catch some of the money that will be spent on the real film - Suicide Squad - an upcoming film that is expected to pay off big. It obviously works for them - because they have been doing this for years now ...

I have yet to see anything original and/or even marginally decent come from their studios yet. The movies have no real humor and the plot only loosely, and I mean loosely, follows that of the film they are parodying. They know that once you have paid for the film that it is too late. They don't survive on word of mouth or return customers - unless you let them get one over on you again. ;-)

Next time you see a film with a familiar sounding name - check out who the studio behind it is first. Don't let The Asylum get your hard earned money .....

*If the other reviewer had known this - they would've got the 0 he originally wanted to hand down. It only looks original because they always beat the blockbuster in releasing - they have to or their ploy doesn't work ...

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