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Snowden’s Great Escape
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"Snowden’s Great Escape" tells the story of how Edward Snowden managed to evade capture by the US. For the first time Snowden tells the story of how he managed to escape so that not to have to spend the rest of his life in an American prison.

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Snowden’s Great Escape online movie review - Interesting look behind a flight from NSA

Regardless if you think Edward Snowden is a hero or a criminal, this film manges to tell the exciting story when Edward Snowden was smuggled out of USA and on his way out of reach for the National Security Agency and CIA.

The documentary is balanced as well as informative. If Snowden is a spy or a whistle blower. Not only the American authorities where looking for him, so was the whole media world as well. It was the biggest media story in the world at the time. Still he manged, with help from good helpers, to keep away from them all. We also see Assange talking about the case, and his following of it. He himself was on the run at the time, and when Snowden contacts Wikileaks to help him.

Formed almost like a thriller, I enjoyed this very much.

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