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So You Said Yes
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A woman who avoids relationships opens a vintage bridal shop, and goes head-to-head with the snobbish owner of the town’s classical bridal shop—only to find out her rival is the mother of her new boyfriend.

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So You Said Yes online movie review - ***1/2

Don't you think that at times Kelli Martin looked too old for the part and that her mother-in-law to be even looked younger?

That being said, we have an interesting, often funny and yet poignant story of traditional versus now-a-days. Two women in competition over their bridal gown stores don't realize that the younger owner has fallen for the other owner's son. It is funny how the latter attempts to keep the news from both women and of course the mayhem that you would expect to break out when each finds out.

Of course, we have the mother trying to sabotage the relationship, even going as far as to insult the woman's father, a widower who wed 3 times after his wife's death. Nice seeing Bruce Boxleitner in the role of the father. He looks like Al Gore in certain scenes.

Of course we know that a rapprochement shall have to be reached between mother and son's fiancé since love conquers all.

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