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A young man involved in a love affair that will change his life forever, whilst his lover wrestles his demons on a journey that will force him to come to terms with his sexuality, leaving lives destroyed in the wake.

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Soft Lad online movie review - Ugh....Aren't there any positive gay movies out there.

It is so hard to find any positive gay role models in film today. The lead character, David, is certainly not one of them.

The premise to this movie was intriguing at first, but then after watching the story played out you realize how selfish and totally repugnant David's character is. I mean come on, he's sleeping with his sister's husband and gets mad because he won't leave her for him. I felt no sympathy for his character. At least with the husband you know what kind of man he really is....a douche bag. It was Suzanne Collins portrayal as the betrayed sister and wife, is what saved the movie for me. You really felt for her. To be betrayed by the two men that she loved above all others and then given HIV by the bastards.....OMG. I can't even imagine what a person would be feeling, but she nailed it. what an outstanding performance. Overall, I found the film to be adequate with a nice plot twist and good performances, but I'm still waiting for a film that doesn't make the gay characters into horrible people. At least in this film they didn't throw in a couple drag queens, a sex party, and some stereotypical effeminate dudes. There's a plus I guess.

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